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EEP is the No. 1 among railway simulators:

  • Germany's leading railway simulation for the PC

  • Top-selling model railroad simulation with 1.2 million units sold

  • The most versatile railway simulator on the market

  • More than 20 years of experience and railway competence

  • Multiple media awards

  • Most advanced rail simulation on the market

  • Over 900,000 development hours

The complete model railway for the PC was invented more than 20 years ago and has since enjoyed great popularity thanks to a multi-layered development. From version to version, the software gained many useful features: automated routes, comprehensive signalling, custom timetables, a huge assortment of models, dynamic weather, day and night cycles and much more.

Initiated in 1998 by two students, EEP has evolved into a construction and operation simulation encompassing everything related to railways.


And this year, it's set to embrace the international market with versions in English and French. From the outset, designers, developers and railway enthusiasts cooperated to accomplish the most comprehensive layout and operation simulation possible.


Build your individual and highly detailed model railway worlds, designing complex traffic networks for rail, road, tram, air- and waterways. Choose from an ever growing assortment of figurines, both with and without animation, rolling stock, fauna and flora, as well as buildings, structures and landscape elements of all kinds. 

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