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- improvement of the parallel duplication of the curve types "Clothoid" and "Cubic" - multiple route assignment in contact points - SSAO intensity can be changed using sliders - new ambient sounds for EEP (day and night sounds) - creation of the model list of a landscape directly from EEP - new possibility to remove or rotate rolling stock in 2D mode - new possibility to hide signals in 3D mode - possibility to activate the gizmo in 3D editing mode - extending the "Single Lane Roads" option when copying blocks - new property icons for individual layers in 2D mode - the "Adapt terrain to track height" function is also possible for blocks in 3D - editing of virtual connections for splines is also possible for occupied splines (e.g. signals) - inserting a dialog for tracks in track objects makes it possible to address and change individual tracks directly - with text textures, the font size can be scaled higher than was previously possible - optimization of the utilization of the graphics card when displaying in the 3D window - the float precision of the block function has been increased (more decimal places in the calculation) - new LUA functions

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